Frequently  Asked  Questions

  • What kind of wood do you use?

The greenhouses are constructed entirely with Eastern Red Cedar.

This highly renowned, durable wood is naturally resistant to rot,

decay and insect attacks, which means anything you build with it

will last longer and require less maintenance making cedar the best choice for building your Greenhouse! Other great benefits of cedar:

– Eastern red cedar is pitch and resin-free. Which means it’s ideal for

accepting and holding a wide range of beautiful finishes,

including elegant dark stains, shabby chic bleaches, traditional solid colors

or naturally beautiful semi-transparent stains. Real cedar also offers

a wide range of lumber dimensions, surface textures and grades.

– Aesthetically, there really is no substitute for the natural beauty of cedar.

Imbued with crisp, yet superbly rich, tonal properties, cedar can create

superior outdoor sanctuaries, embolden traditional home decor,

provoke cutting-edge architecture and inspire innovative interiors.

Imagine all that dynamism packed into one beautiful building material!

– Independent studies prove that when it comes to environmental performance, natural wood is superior to synthetic products in every way. While other building materials generate greenhouse gasses, western red cedar actually removes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.



  • Can I use another type of wood other than Cedar?

Yes, we offer Douglas Fir as a less expensive option.  We have tried treated wood, but will not use it again. Treated wood needs to cure for a minimum of 6-8 weeks before adding stain. We certainly do not recommend any other wood for a greenhouse.

  • What if I am allergic to Cedar?

 In most cases people are allergic to cedar pollen, not the actual wood.

If you are allergic to cedar pollen, we cannot guarantee that you will not have an allergic reaction, but it’s highly unlikely.
Please consult your physician if you are concerned.

  • What type of glass or plastic is used to cover the Greenhouse?

  The greenhouses are covered with a single-wall, corrugated poly-carbonate.

It is made specifically for Greenhouses.

  • Why not use a double-wall poly-carbonate?

   We don’t use double-wall, because it is very expensive and would

add an additional $1,500+ to your greenhouse, depending on the size. The single wall, corrugated poly provides ample insulation. If you would like us to use

a double-wall poly-carbonate please contact us to discuss

pricing and timing of your new greenhouse.

  • Is the plastic roofing durable enough to withstand strong winds?

   We attach it with #12 1.5 inch screws at every other valley in the corrugation and every two feet where the poly-carbonate meets a stud. We load the greenhouses on trailers (fully exposed) and travel to the delivery destination at 60-65 mph with no problems.

  • Should the Greenhouse be anchored down?

  It certainly is a good idea to anchor the greenhouse, but not necessary.

The greenhouses are constructed like a house and are extremely heavy.

We do encourage you to contact your home owner insurance representative and add the greenhouse to your home owner insurance policy.  
If you feel safer having anchors, we will place four anchors

into the ground for $175.

  • What kind of ventilation does the greenhouse have?

    The greenhouses come standard with a 24 inch x 24 inch window in the

rear gable to help with ventilation.  A Dutch door is also included to

provide cross ventilation. However, the addition of our Auto-Vent Package,

would provide the best ventilation for your greenhouse. 

  • Can I have my greenhouse set directly on the ground?

 Yes, many of our clients place the greenhouse directly on the ground,

in a level location.  However, many others also pour a concrete slab.

Some choose to put down a perimeter of thin concrete blocks or lay

paved stones and then fill the inside with some type of gravel,

or 4x6 in pressure treated timbers.

  • How can I heat my Greenhouse?

   We recommend an electric, Oil-filled, radiator type heater. They are

excellent and can be purchased for $39.95-$69.95 at any hardware store.

Most of them have thermostat controls and work extremely well for this size greenhouse. Two may be needed on larger sizes.

  • What size planting shelf/bench should I get?

   The shelves add tremendous value to your greenhouse.

Our shelves are “framed in” and attached to the sidewalls.

These shelves should be used for small to medium size plants and seedlings.

The larger, heavier, and taller plants should be placed on the ground.

The shelves are 20 inches wide and are approximately 25-30 inches off the ground....leaving you ample space to place plants under the shelves.

Planting shelves can be purchased for $130 per 8ft section.

We highly recommend adding some shelves because they will

provide tremendous value and functionality to your greenhouse.  

  • Will I be able to hang planting baskets in my Greenhouse?

    Absolutely. To hang planting baskets, hanging rods

can be purchased and installed for $50 per 5ft section.

  • How much will the Greenhouse weigh?

  An 8x8 Greenhouse weighs roughly 750 lbs.  8x12= 1000 lbs, 8x16= 1,500 lbs,

and 8x20= 1,750 lbs.  All weights are approximate values.  They vary a little because of the variances in wood and how many shelves are added.


  • Is the Greenhouse already stained?
    Yes, we apply one layer of oil based, dark walnut.


  • Can I get a different color stain or a painted Greenhouse?

Not at this time.

  • How often should the Greenhouse be re-stained?

The stain comes with a 2 year warranty. We recommend re-staining

every 2-3 years to keep the highest quality look possible.

  • Can I pick the Greenhouse up myself to save money?

Yes, we do have a D.I.Y. kit available that can be picked up at one of our locations in Princeton or Denton, TX. These Greenhouse kits are fairly simple to put together and can be done in as little as 3-4 hours. They are also only

6-15 pieces depending on the size, not including the 4x4 frame.

  • Is the Greenhouse screwed or nailed together?

Screws hold much better than nails. However, we do use a combination

of nails, screws, and bolts when framing the greenhouse. The entire frame

of the greenhouse is screwed together with 6 inch, 5 inch, 3 inch screws,

and 4 x 1/2 inch bolts. The trim and pickets are popped on with

15 gauge 2 inch nails, which is adequate for trim work. The bottom line,

the greenhouse is extremely solid.

  • How soon will I receive my Greenhouse after I've placed my order?

We can typically deliver a greenhouse within 2-3 weeks, sometimes sooner.  However, we occasionally become busy with a large number of orders and

in that case the delivery time could be 3-4 weeks.  Either way, we will

continue to communicate with you so you are fully aware of the time frame. Our goal is to deliver your Greenhouse to you ASAP!  

  • What are the payment options?

On a standard size greenhouse, we require a 10% deposit

and the balance is paid at the time of delivery of your new greenhouse. 

We accept all forms of payment.  Most customers pay the deposit by phone

with a credit card or debit card (fees may apply).  We will not start construction on a greenhouse without receiving the 10% down payment. On custom size greenhouses

we require a 50% deposit.

  • Where can I view the Greenhouse models in person?

We have several displays in the north DFW area and a few in the Tyler, TX area. Please see our locations on the "Greenhouses on Display" page.

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